Fantasy F1 2022

The new season is live at

I did wonder after last season’s shenanigans whether it should be in the Sport forum or the TV, Movies and Books forum, but let’s keep it here (for now.)


Excellent, I’ll have a look tonight.

Best part of the season, this

Jarno Bingo

When will he get around to updating the first scores?

Bonus points for the closest? :smile:
My sweepstake guess is Wednesday, around 2000hrs…

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Thursday afternoon

The world is watching and waiting, and waiting.

Friday morning, 11ish :+1:

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Well one things for certain, I’ve lost the sweepstake.

I reckon Paul’s on the money

I was going to suggest Saturday morning during FP3


Paul wins

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but Craig wins the season, as clearly made far and away the best start of season team selection

Does he get the Aston Martin drive to replace Vettel?

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Well, judging by the numbers, that’s the last time I’ll see those words this year!

Well-chosen Craig, a start like that pretty much has the season in the bag! :ok_hand:

Haas, Haas, Haas, Haas.

I didn’t change my team once after preseason testing, Haas seemed too good a gamble not to take

However, the midfield’s so tight that I REALLY don’t think it’s in the bag. RB won’t fuck up each week, and there’s no way Haas doesn’t find a way to shoot themselves in the foot sooner rather than later.

Alfa and Alpine were also a bit quicker on race pace than Haas at some points in the race, so i could easily be on for 0, 0, 0, 0 the next 3

I really really doubt we’ll know who’s picked it right til Imola / USA

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Must admit I assumed it was a mix of head and heart (Ferrari engine).

You’re quite right of course, truth is we’ll be picking the bones out of this for a while. No idea if what’s worked in Bahrain will work in Murderstan, never mind all the rest…

Also remains to be seen if RB’s PU issues will take as long for Honda to fix as in the past…*

*assuming it’s PU and not aero - and of course, it’s always aero… :wink:

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Triffic, Del Boy

Turns out it was sooner.

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Anyone got anywhere close to pole time so far?

I may as well be using a random number generator

First trip out I got the minimum.

This time!

I expected them to be between 0.9 - 1.0 adrift, and then Chico goes and does one of those drives he seems to produce once every 3 years or so…

Fuck SA! We shouldn’t even be there, and it’s such a goddamn ugly circuit - I just hope no-one gets badly hurt in the pile-up later…

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