Fantasy F1 2023

Stroll is possible, chassis is €800k to far, and engine €1.7M away :slightly_frowning_face:

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Season’s still alive then

Aaaaaand, i was wrong

Has Jarno altered the cash balances or something? Half of you have Aston Martin chassis / engine in addition to Fernando, and it was apparently affordable for me, even though I’m certain it wasn’t a few weeks back when I first checked

Not sure, I know I just sneaked it.

Fuck shit bollocks and wank

It’s me who’s cocked up: it was pre-Baku we didn’t have enough $$$

Gonna have my work cut out now :-/

I also messed up, totally forgot to the team before this weekend so missed out on getting the Fred chassis :sob:

Well at least Lance is doing his ‘best’ to ensure AM don’t do as well as they might…

I love Lance. If I do manage to catch you up, it’ll all be down to him.

The shit bastard

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You are going to effortlessly catch me up and overtake me - I will be blown into the weeds as you hurtle past…

One reason for this is that my F1 Manager password showed-up on a hacked-passwords list, so I changed it.

What I hand’t realised when I did, was that the email address for that account no longer exists. So now my account is stuck in limbo forever and I can no longer access it.

Enjoy the rest of the season, but at this point I’m out… :frowning_face:

Ah bollocks.
The joy of mercilessly crushing you under my wheels, (or being crushed), has been denied me.
Damn, fuck, shit…


WHAT ??? Oh no, that’s shit

I appreciate he’s not the most responsive, but have you tried writing to Jarno?

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Is the race still on?
Have we had the equivalent of a half wet, half dry track?
Everyone is still pretty evenly matched teamwise (now with the Aston chassis), even including Maureen Muckitup… :+1:

Am I right in thinking we cannot have 2 identical drivers?

I’ve been playing for years, and really ought to know: I thought we couldn’t, but the game doesn’t (appear to) stop me from picking two Alonso’s

Am i being fik?

I’m not in a position to find out alas.
(Unless I go for two Logan Sargents).

Same, different cause.

Do it

No luck with jarno ?? :-/




I’ve noticed that he is even less on-hand than he normally is

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@sjs Simon - do you mind me asking when you brought the Hulk into your team? Netted a few welcome points for you there !!

It’s certainly much closer now.