Fantasy F1 2023

I’m hoping Sam hasn’t had the same problem as Paul @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion ??

I thought she’d be double Aston by now

She’s a little prone to forget - she and I have that much in common! If she feels she’s lagging, she also tends to try tactics that others don’t in the hope of fluking it…

Makes me glad she doesn’t gamble IRL :ok_hand:

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I have had the Hulk since the start, but this weekend it paid off :+1:

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You are indeed correct. :wink:

Oh fuck

doffs cap

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Game over man, game over… :hushed:

Who dat den?

Sam, she’s Team Monster’ed us. :thinking:

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I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find the wildcard button :-/

Well if it wasn’t season over before, it surely is now - well done Sam. Can’t recall it being sewn up this early before

indeed. I took a huge punt on Norris and McLaren, just as they fail to deliver :roll_eyes:

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Difficult season to call as most cars go well on certain circuits, poorly on others, depending where they’ve made compromises with downforce &c, with the pool muddied further with when upgrades arrive and how effective (or otherwise) they are! Even then, bad strategy or bad pit work can still bollocks things…

Unless it’s Red Bull, who are just monstrously fast absolutely everywhere all of the time (unless Chico’s having a bad day at work…).

Not done the maths (fuck that shit on a Sunday night) but I reckon Craig will have overtaken me with that result.

The site looks to have gone down.

I think the fairest outcome would be that we call it a draw, and move on to next season, no?


I suspect Sam Verstappen wouldn’t agree :stuck_out_tongue:

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I dare say she’d be less than thrilled…but one would hope that after administering a few cathartic extra-judicial beatings to hubby, she’ll be right as rain.

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Wow, christmas came-around quick this year! :star_struck:


the site uses a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt, trouble is they expire every 90 days, and it expired yesterday: Monday, 18 September 2023 at 20:53:12
once it gets replaced it should be up and running again.

afair it has done this before


Well the site still isnt fixed, and friday practice has started, looks like it may be the end of the line

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