Fantasy F1 2023

He’s certainly cutting it fine!!! Quali is at 0700 uk time, I think?

His DGAF game is certainly Strong!


it certainly is, if you do login despite the out of date cert you discover he hasnt processed the Singapore GP results

I’ve never understood why he hasn’t recruited a few more helpers - there were (perhaps, are) some, but they seem as uninterested as him.

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Well, he’s fucked it

15 mins til quali and no site

I do hope he’s not ill or something horrible.

And if he’s not, i hope he suffers from and eventually succumbs to a fatal dose of the clap

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Hes fixed it, but pitlane closed, so cant change team now i finally have the cash, feck

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Arse! No comment on the chat from J@rno either :-/

Sam’s season in the bag now (well done, Sam - thoroughly deserved)

Bit premature mate, you’re in the lead.
Courtesy of McLaren’s resurgence.

The fuck???

Singapore + Sam’s B-team has barely managed top 10 for a fair few races now.

She’s not happy. Be glad you live on the opposite side of the Whale Road…

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“professional” racing driver Checo is making a full fisted attempt to shaft anyone on RB CHASSIS / Engine

That’ll be me :slightly_frowning_face:

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Could someone be a dear and remind an old fart

A: when does the pitlane close?
B: how do the points work for a sprint weekend?

If you find-out: let the rest of us know willya?

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It seems to be 1800 uk time, with the sprint at 1830

I don’t have desktop access atm and there’s no info on the mobile site…And he’s been known to fuck it up in the past…

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Congrats to @Craig on winning the season, no chance of overhauling in the last race in Abu Dhabi next weekend

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Yep, and to think halfway through he was congratulatiing Sam. :smile:

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Thanks, though I think anyone could punt on Ferrari / McLaren and I’m buggered if something happens to RB

That said, I certainly didn’t expect to be in this position after Sam’s clever asset-dump to get Max: early move for post-update McLaren seems to have swung it?

I’ve been enjoying the official game more this season, TBH.