Fantasy F1 Manager 2019 - The Horror Continues


The game which we find ourselves playing for lack of alternatives is live for 2018

Those who have previously registered / played are automatically kept in the game / leage(s) to which they were previoulsy a part.

For those who are new to the game, head over to and setup your team.

Pick 2 drivers, 1 engine, 1 chassis and one stab at the pole time per race - these are the source of points / dosh with which to (painfully slowly) upgrade you team from the honest-to-God shite that’ll consist of your team for the first few races.

Or, for some, most of the season, eh Oz?

The league is called Hifiwigwam and I think the code is Scalford. The team owner, IIRC, is a) occasionally of this parish, b) female, and c) married to an occasionably-loveable gobshite, also of this parish.

Best of luck, etc etc


Does Sodders know this?
(Married, that is, he knows he’s a gobshite…)


Fxt for accuracy


I forgot the first race :open_mouth:


And you are still ahead of me…bastard!


Oooh, that’s gotta sting…


Not as much as the fact that you’re on the podium. :sob:


A fluke, rest assured, and still a long way behind Dana and Martin :+1:


Trust me, the whole game’s a fluke… :grinning:


So flukey, in fact, that quite a few pussycats in our league are too timid to reveal what their teams is


Haha, cheek! I hid mine after trying to look at yours…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sainz wasn’t a good choice btw…:scream:

There I’m revealed… lol…


Lot of truth in that - you need to guess lucky for the first handful of races or you are fucked for the rest of the season.


Indeed. Over analyse at your peril.


This,I’ve been quite lucky in that regards in seasons gone

The F1 site say they’re gonna launch a fantasy game soon :+1:t2:


So Craig, are you going to keep your team hidden?




Oooh, keep us posted :+1:


I tried the Autosport game the last couple of years. It’s pants.


Are you partaking of F1 manager? Couple of IDs there now that I don’t immediately recognise.


I am.