Fantasy F1 Manager 2019 - The Horror Continues


Obtuse to a fault :ok_hand:




So, basically, I’ve just got to nail the pole time for the next two races and I’m back in the hunt



Wow, a spectacular 5 points for me from China. That is comfortably my worst score ever in this game.


I suspect that even at this early stage, Dana has this one in the bag…


As always it’s the luck of the draw, last season I hedged my bets and went for a bit of everything…

This season I’ve concentrated on full teams as much as poss, first Haas now Renault and I’ve been lucky (based on practice performance).

Next race my only options available are to add Sainz if Renault practice well, or to backtrack to Haas if they show more promise. However that makes the leap to the next level more difficult.


Baku should certainly jumble the bag again, first street circuit of the year, and it broke a lot of cars last year…


Exactly, street circuits are far more difficult to call, and with the resurgence of Red Bull, there could be more carnage up front!


Two Haas on the podium in Baku

Eh? Oh


Five. Fucking. Points. :flushed:


7 here, wheels came off already. Well that and forgetting the first race.


It’s been far too long since the Renault engines said WOOF. Here’s hoping for some French alloy shrapnel !!!


Didn’t Riccardo’s turbo go pop before last qualifying?


If anywhere’s gonna do it, Baku’s the place… :grimacing:


…and Built by Badgers sweeps by with an imperious move into the chicane. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This has come to Sam’s notice…

“Accidental” account deletion in 5… 4… 3… :wink:


Nah, I’m side by side with Team Monster down the straight, desperately hoping I’m more Ricciardo than Verstappen…





I shall turn myself in to the stewards straightaway…


Customer engines don’t count: I’ll take one for the Sainz team, your wide shoulders can bear the rest of the load

edit: now 100% guaranteed to go WOOF