Feckin' Weather


Not long in from sledging with the kids- fantastic :+1:

Second day out, but the snow on all the good hills is worn down to the grass (through the grass to the mud actually :stuck_out_tongue: ) so doubt we’ll be able to go again tomorrow


Completely clear here today. I guess I have no excuse to not go to work now :rage:


Thaw here too… Really hope the trains are running properly on Monday, I have loads to do.


I want it clear everywhere!
Am in Birmingham and Sunderland next week :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Bugger all up here, just a bit chilly, meh.


Still plenty of snow here - crunched back through it along the (partially-frozen) river bank from a post-pub-drink at our friends’ place just now, rather beautiful, but this evening’s snow has turned to light drizzle and I suspect a thaw is afoot…


I used to work around the corner from a BMW repair centre, not once did we ever spot one Beemer with any other panels damaged other than the front smashed in, either that or they had been rolled…funny that isn’t it?


Got to take the dogs for a walk in thick fog, wet snow and soft ground. Great!


snow fucked off yesterday here - dry and bright today :heart_eyes:


Snow about, slowly melting away, fog and mist…


Floods to follow…


Building Ark out of old bed wood as we speak…


Two by two animals means you need another dog.


Oh god, don’t tell Donna!


Yep, she’ll be pissed off - you noah well


I’m just thinking of all the different breeds of bloody horses…


It’s not that important, they all taste the same…:grin:


Sadly the extreme weather has produced some casualties




quite a few of the lobsters were still alive and were collected by local fisherman, who revived them in sea water tanks and returned them to the sea. But yes a sad and devastating sight, mother nature at work though.