First car choices - ideas?


Yes they seem to have repositioned the glove box…


I would consider a Citroën C3. For £2000 you should get a reasonable car. Petrol engines best and reasonably reliable.
It’s in it’s 3rd generation. Where it scores over other supermini’s is comfort.


Spot on.


A lot of youngsters habe no idea of who drives what (admittedly to many others image is everything).

I know a 23 year old who owns a Jazz.


Cool story.


You could do a lot worse, as it’s basically a small Toyota.
They do have a bit of an appetite for clutches, though they’re relatively cheap to replace.


Happy birthday son I’ve bought you a car. It’s just like Grandma’s.


Back in the day this was how a few of my friends got their cars - grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.


Yeah, give your son or daughter a Honda Jazz or a big Saab and fill it full of high octane fuel.

Fucking mental.


Yep, my first car was my mum’s old one. It was a mini (real one) so cool enough.



In reply to an earlier post re test drives: the Audi A2 has a bit of a cult following, but I’m seeing more and more parts only available on the used market for these. Audi are starting to delete various items from their catalogue.


Spelled incorrectly, no ?


True - Audis do tend to be driven by massive cunts these days.
Think they’ve taken the mantle from BMW drivers.

For the record, image aside, I rate the Honda Jazz (manual gearbox model) highly.
The auto 'box regularly has issues.


Rob my daughter has had a Peugeot 107 (same as the C1) for 5 years now and never had a thing go wrong. £20 a year tax and around 50mpg. It’s been brilliant.
My son started out with a 1.1 Polo followed by an Audi A3. Both nothing but trouble.


Interesting morning - Yaris was nippy but felt like a tupperware box with the lid slightly loose, the Corolla 1.4 we tried felt much more like a proper car, also quite quick but just not as good as the Golfs (low mileage Mk4 and fairly well-used Mk5) that had a real quality feel to them, with nicely weighted controls, good ergonomics and tight, precise handling. The Focus was a bit of a surprise as well, sure-footed and very solid indeed, heavier controls than the Golfs and felt a little sluggish with the smallest engine option (not unexpected, that). It also felt like Fort Knox in terms of build, with heavy doors that clunked satisfyingly.
Audi A2 TDi tomorrow, so no conclusion yet for Kate, but the Golf has its nose in front of the Focus at the moment.

Thank you to all for observations on others that I haven’t mentioned. She has sat in a lot of the smaller cars (C1, C2, 107, 207, various small Nissans, Hyundais, Polo, Fabia, Fiesta, Clio to name a few, but can’t comfortably fit her legs under the wheel in the ones we’ve tried (I did say she’s all leg - 36" inside measurement). The ‘next size up’ cars she drove today fit much better and she’s a lot happier, which leads to less stress behind the wheel :slightly_smiling_face:


LOL, the Germans spend the money making the doors clunk and the controls feel nice. The Japanese and the Koreans spend it making the cars reliable. Classic case of perceived quality vs actual quality. If you buy German, make sure she’s in the RAC or AA.


Get her an old 7 series. Go cheap, scrap after 2 years of comedy luxury.


Mibby is spot on.
The Japanese and Korean cars absolutely piss all over the Golfs, Polos etc in terms of reliability.

Do not discount Hyundai, Mazda and Kia from the equation.


Suzuki Swift?