First car choices - ideas?


Good fun to drive :slight_smile:


My youngest daughter had one and it was very reliable and low cost. Not the most exciting, but well made.


Just be sure to listen carefully for noisy gearbox bearings.


Donna has been eyeing up the little Suzuki Alto too, ugh…I suppose you do get four doors…


Look for a tidy one of these - absolute hoot apparently -


That weighs under a tonne and has over a hundred bhp and a wheel in each corner. I bet it’s great fun to drive.



Used car prices are really really low in the UK.
Here in Germany the cheapest equivalent Fiat Bravo is at least GBP 1000 more expensive…


Are your sure that’s not just because the GBP is now worth half what it was a couple of years ago?


Even with that. Cheapest MY2009 with low milage is a tenner shy of € 4k.
The ad doesn’t even have pics in it:


Amazed anyone in Deutschland buy Fiats TBH - is it some kind of Stupidity Tax?


No, that is in the Netherlands, a long history of luxury tax.
The ultimate stupidity. Stupid because politicians put it in place, more stupid because the electorate accepts it.


She’s made her mind up:

90 HP TDi, £30 a year tax, under £1k ins for a 23 yo new driver, 77k miles, one owner and full Audi service history inc recent cam belt. It was a little above our £2k target, but she is comfortable and happy with it which is good for her confidence. Result.


Great choice and luvvely colour too.
Forgot to mention as a pro that the entry level A2 has an aluminium space frame, like the top of the line A8.
The body is therefore light, rigid and won’t rust. So if you ever wondered why they stopped producing the A2…


I thought that was because it didn’t actually sell very well and had a lot of reliability issues?


Lols and sense.


It can be expensive to maintain as the engine is underneath the floor plan, so to do some basic things the engine has to come out.


That must be another car - this one has its engine under the bonnet at the front. The oddity is that the small panel above the number plate hinges forward to expose remote access to the oil dipstick and filler and the washer bottle fill point. The bonnet lifts off once you’ve released 2 catches, but access is reasonable after that. I suspect that any significant engine work would probably require the bumper, grille panel and radiator to come off, hence many man-hours…

They apparently have a great rep for reliability; I suspect it was cost of production and its relatively high price compared with other cars about that size that kept sales down.


I bought a C1 today. Seems nice and tidy.

These, the 107 and (to a slightly lesser extent) the Aygo, which are all essentially the same thing, are a country mile cheaper for new drivers than anything else on the road. It’s not even close.


I have one. It’s epic.