Fitting engineered wood flooring

Hi all.I am about to buy some engineered wood flooring to fit on top of a concrete sub floor and would like to level match it closely with some nearby tiles. This means that I cannot use luxury DPM underlay and float it as would be normal . I have read that glueing is a job for professionals so I have concerns I might knob up. Has anyone glued a largish floor here was it easy ? I have nailed a wooden floor some year ago and that worked out fine

Other options might be just to lay polythene under a floating floor but this might make the floor noisy to walk on? any one with experience?

All advice welcomed - but I don’t really want to get a professional in. Thanks

I’m considering this too so watching with interest.

A friend and i used sika liquid dpm on the subfloor , literally rollered it on, 8m by 8 then used their latex glue, trowelled on using tile trowel and stuck down. It wasnt difficult and is still there 15 years later.

The liquid dpm dries to a clear blue resin, it wasnt cheap but a great solution

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Helped put a tonge and groove pine floor down on concrete years ago

If I remember the tubes of glue cost about £70

Still down 10 years on

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You can get a thin (5mm ish) self adhesive foam underlay.

I’ve got it under solid oak floorboards in my conservatory, over a concrete floor which precluded me nailing. it’s been down for years with no problems at all.

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5mm is too thick and would add quite of a step change otherwise that would be what I would do. We have tile flooring in the hall plus at one end (a mini extension) of the lounge. Currently there is carpet which is quite flush
The fitted tiles are 13mm high and the flooring I am looking at is 14mm thick - The glue option is favourite ATM.


The acknowledged correct procedure is:

  • Hoof Glue,
  • Burn wood,
  • Repeat

get a leather floor

Thanks for all the input It looks like that if I want to glue it( to keep the height down) then the click fit flooring I had planned is not suitable. The thinnest DPM underlay I have found is 3mm thick which leaves me with an annoying 4mm step. I will trawl around for some T&G and see what I can find.
Leather nice idea but it comes in at £3700

How long is the edge between the two different floor coverings?
If it is as in the picture, just a door opening, how about planing/tapering the floor board that makes the join?

The glue we used works well but I think they rec a 5mm bead unless your floor Is dead level which probably squashes to 2 or 3 mm

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The resin dpm i fitted was about 1_2mm thick

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There are two edges - One for a double door then another 5m long edge at the other end of room.
if I cannot find reasonably priced t&g I might have to accept a step.

You should be able to find a contoured piece of wood from the manufacturer that will hide the step


How about just choosing a thinner board, to take the underlay/glue?

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Update - I decided in the end just to put a polythene DPM below the 14mm thick flooring- no proper underlay. I am very pleased with the click fit engineered wood that I bought - It’s all going down very well. The floor is just about 1/2 down and It’s quiet to walk on i.e. The occasional creak which I think will reduce once all is bedded in.


Is the gap at the opposing end of the room the same as where it meets the tiles?

Is it not meant to be staggered

Nope -All the expansion is at the other end - it’s 20mm - 2 lots of 10mm