Fix my car over the internet thread

I have a noise from the front of my motor, A RAV 4. It is a highish pitched whine (sounds like good old landrover tyres or the kind of noise you get on a stretch of concrete carriageway). it isn’t engine rev dependant, it just gets louder the faster you go. I have dropped the clutch at speed to confirm this.

If I turn the steering wheel 5 degrees to the left, it stops. Patently it is something on the front drivetrain. Thinking Diff, CVs or wheel bearing.

Any thoughts?

I’d recommend this bloke. >


Wheel bearing imo, as the side pressure on the hub causes it to change sound…

What mileage btw?

A cat maybe? Possibly a small goat? Neither would be enjoying the experience.

You’ve not been giving Jerry a lift anywhere have you? That’d give similar results


Wheel bearings.

I’m no expert,but is the ash tray clean?


I would check you haven’t run over a cyclist or several pedestrians who are all trapped under the car.

I think you googled the wrong AA


about 80000.

I have found random junk hifi in the boot, the jerry theory may well pan out.

I like the wheel bearings theory, wheel bearings are cheap :slight_smile: I’ll take it down the garage on friday to get them done.

So not unreasonable for it to be that then… :blush:

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the last few times i’ve had wheel bearingy type noises on a car it’s actually turned out to be tyres. Tried all the tricks, road / engine speed dependant check, turn wheel noise changes / stops check… yep wheel bearing… nope tyres.

just a thought.

New tyres, less than thousand miles on them.

Might be worth trying taking the brake pads out and filing a chamfer on the edges before condemning the wheel bearings. Sometimes they can wear a sharp edge on the side which whines as it runs on the brake disk. This will also stop when you steer other than straight ahead, IME, and also when you lightly touch the brake pedal.

Otherwise, wheel bearings / CV joints would be worth checking, as said.

That’s the engine, numbnuts.

More seriously, either a wheel bearing, though that’s normally a runbling noise, or could be brakes - deflecting the steering may induce enough flex so that whatever’s rubbing no longer does.

Have you clipped a curb?


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Wouldn’t be the first time.


I reckon it’s probably fine, I’d just ignore the noises and carry on as you are

It’s a RAV 4. Any high-pitched whine will likely be from pedestrians making a judgement on your choice of transport.

Might be wheel bearings though.