I’ve cheered right up.




Considering England was going to have 4/5 teams in the QFs, it’s looking like two at the moment.


I certainly expected 4, but you’re right it looks like 2

I still want to see Chelski get through and draw Man City - long shot though


UEFA will make sure Liverpool and City get drawn together.


Hull on a rampage.

Ok. Let’s just say they are pulling clear.

(Of relegation :sleepy:)


Been amazed how the media were positioning that game as a done deal all week. The English disease.


It’s hard work supporting the Villa. :frowning:


0-0 away from home in the first leg is never a good result. Maureen’s negative tactics got what they deserved.


^^^ this


2nd best in the first leg & 2nd best again tonight. Not sure why he needed to change the team from the weekend nor why Rashford was moved away from the left. Sanchez useless yet again. The only urgency came when they were 2 behind. Very poor but not that surprised by this. They weren’t especially convincing against Chelsea, Palace or Liverpool really. This cautious & conservative football is what Mourinho has always deployed wherever he’s been. Sometimes it comes off, sometimes it doesn’t.

I thought the BT commentary team were unnecessarily dismissive of Sevilla. Despite having lost a few players they are no mugs as was evident in the first leg and indeed in the games v Liverpool.




The moment I saw Sanchez and Lollypop in, we were doomed. Very disjointed display, wasteful in front of goal and no directness. Lollypop just fucks up our movement and has to fucking go.

Still no idea why we bought Sanchez.


Me neither. What does he bring that you don’t already have? Buying a ‘name’ to pacify the fans?


Mourinho is so focussed on stifling the opposition he won’t make room for any kind of creativity in midfield. Last night would’ve been a perfect opportunity to use Carrick (who needs to be replaced with some urgency) not that Jose would choose to pick such a player. Even if he could eventually create a winning formula, I’m not sure I’d want to watch them every week.


I suspect a big bus is going to be parked at the Etihad In a few weeks. Probably rightly so.
Mourinho does tend to have a very cautious style. Not the best to watch, but it has been effective on the past. I don’t think there is the quality of player yet to be successful enough. Not that the manager gets the best out of some of his players.
City play an attractive style of football, bit I think a few teams have figured out how to play against that style. The latter stages of the CL are going to be very tricky. Needs a good draw and a bit of luck.


When they played at Newcastle recently you could see they were a bunch of really talented individuals, some outrageous pieces of skill from the likes of Sanchez and others. But, you could also see they were not a team and couldnt/wouldnt/ didn’t know how to buy into what they were being asked to do. That collection of skill gets them through against most opposition. At Newcastle the game changed as soon as Carrick came on and gave them some direction just by knitting things together. They do need someone like him.


Carrick plays very much in the same way Pep used to play when he was at Barca if I recall correctly.


I thought Pogba was class when he came on, that pass out to the ball boy was inspired :joy::rofl::joy:


Inspired by James Milner.