Terrific. Get them out on loan, sharpish.


Will do. :heart_eyes:


Buvac leaving Liverpool for Arsenal ? Capacity unknown, but very strong hushed rumours circulating.
Then again, could all be tosh.


Footy getting interesting

4 - 3 with half an hour left


Good game. BM very unlucky


Looking forward to tomorrow night’s game now. Should be a formality but then Barca thought that.

Will Klopp go defensive, or is that not in his armoury?


With hardly any fit midfielders and defenders he’s got no choice.

Not that he neeed a choice. They need to score one.


If we do get through :pray: I’m pleased that it is RM than Bayern that we meet, still 90 minutes to play though against a more than capable team.


This ∆


Either of them are a much better team than LFC, but you of all teams shoudln’t be scared of a final against team that concedes 19 SOG in one game of football


I think it’s less in the players armoury than Klopps. I presume he doesn’t send them out there with specific instructions to totally and utterly lose their shit around the 60 minutes mark

Absolute certainties for tonight’s match are that Liverppol will collectively shit the bed during the 2nd half, that Roma will score at least 2: it’s all about how many Liverpool score themselves.


Yep, most folk said that man shitty were better too…:wink:


I’m not saying you cannot win, quite the opposite:sunglasses:

Aside from the Fab 3 though, none of the LFC players would get into RM, BM or MCFC team


I think VVD would get a game with MCFC and possibly RM and BM if last night was anything to go by. Joe Gomez and Andy Robertson might also have a shout at semi-regular appearances.


Some right worriers on here.
Will be a walk in the park for us, absolutely no chance of us not being in the final.:smiling_imp:


More :face_vomiting:later…

One away goal would calm the nerves. Anything else will be just :see_no_evil:


Imposter! Have you kidnapped the real @unclepuncle ? :thinking:



There is an argument that the ‘such-and-such wouldn’t get in our team’ pub conversation is now less relevant than it used to be, as top managers are frequently recruiting specialist players for particular positions. Firmino is a very good example of this. I wouldn’t swap him for anyone else, but then I doubt RM would particularly want him in their team as their style is totally different.

Likewise, I don’t expect many people would pick Robertson over Marcelo but although they nominally both play at LB, they both do such very different things.


Tonights game will see Liverpool face a Roma blitzgrieg. Given that it takes Liverpool a good 10 minutes to settle and a 15 minute period towards the end of the second half to catch their breath, this game could be any ones. I’m not underestimating Roma, but equally the resolve of Liverpool in the intervening 65 minutes cannot be ignored and will probably be the deciding factor.
Whichever way it goes, it will be an attacking and exciting game methinks.
As a side bet, Milner, Lovren must be odds on for yellows followed closely by Firminho and Mane once they get their dander up and sniff the goal.