Don’t think yellows count towards the final.


Don’t the yellows get wiped before the semi final and then any cards in the semi finals count in the final.


I believe you need three yellows for a suspension in the CL.

EDIT: Third and fifth yellow cards get suspensions. So after the cards are wiped out after the quarter finals, you effectively get a pass to the final, barring a red card.


Got nil-nil written all over it if you ask me.:see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Really good article on the cultural impact and importance of Salah’s successful season.




and another, just hope all this optimism isn’t thwarted by Roma.


It ought to be remembered that Mahrez had a similar impact a couple of years ago.


Such a foregone conclusion that we will be in the Final that I won’t even bother watching, listening to or following the game on the web. :sleeping:


Nope, you will be carrying crap across a field. :roll_eyes:


Might have a nap now



Fucking get in!


One more and clyne needs to be on!

Either way.


That’s got to be it.

But there will be more goals.

Lose it now and they don’t deserve it.


Liverpool look very shakey in defense.


Lovren trying to get Roma back in.


Liverpool hat trick again.

Milner is still king of assists.


What a crap team Liverpool are :thinking:. Overturned the two goal away deficit, succumbed to a Roma home goal and still lead 3-7 at half time. Barcelona would love to be in that position, not to mention a certain Portuguese manager in the premier league.
I’ll be happy with an injury free 6-7 win.


And you a blue too. :scream:


Wash you’re mouth out