I had a Brazil - Germany final and went for Brazil

England to come 2nd in group, beat Columbia in last 16 and out in quarter against Germany (penalties? :+1::rofl:)

why even bother going when its always the same story :roll_eyes:


England will piss it

Sir Gareth Southgate by January



Open a window Paul, the fumes are clearly getting to you.





Well,this is me sorted for the next month;


Iā€™m the tree behind him


Iā€™d like it if after the 1st group stage,there was another 4 groups of 4,and winner of each goes to the semis.

Saying that,knock out is more fun


I twigged that.


Arsenal make Ā£17m bid for David Luiz.


1974 had two knock out stages - I think the winners of each of the two second groups went straight into the final though


It did, but with only 16 teams it helped prolong the tournament.


did the same format continue to '78 in Argentina?




Not convinced with Putins furry bra with tassles


Have Serbia and Belgium in the work sweep


Have Belgium to go out to Brazil in the 1/4 final


Liverpool and Man U have easy start for next season.