Well played


They do get better, Sweden showed up


It’s noticeable that it’s not all riding on one player, which is a welcome change.


Yes, they’re playing like a good team


Jurgen Klinsmann 100% uses healing crystals and Schumann resonators.


Brilliant stuff,consistent performances throughout and looking like a team.

Just hoping Russia win tonight


Who’d have thunk it. Maguire and Trippier were outstanding but excellent performances all round.


Indeed. But only after extra time, penalties, two sendings off and three injuries…


I don’t want them, honestly. I’d rather play Croatia.


I don’t really care who we get



Id much rather play Croatia


Sterling and Lingaard get a lot of stick, and they do need to improve end product, but the amount of ground they cover and how they move the opposition around is excellent.


Just imagine if Sterling could actually kick the ball with his foot!


I’d imagine playing Russia in Moscow might be a tad more intimidating than Croatia.


Agreed. QF is a good run for shit hosts. They need to do one now.


Yep. Sod that.


All the English fans could go in Trump wigs


I’ve made a ridiculous mistake,an organised to pick something up in Leeds at 7pm Wednesday

A) i’m a cunt

B) does anyone know a decent pub in the Morley area?


Don’t you feel a tickle in the throat and a little bit dizzy?