Only after looking at that pic of you again


If you haven’t met the people you are going to see, just send them the pic of me in my pants and they will understand.


Playing England in Moscow would be a wet dream for the Russians.


I like Southgate - there’s none of the ususal hyperbole or circus surrounding him or the team this time around and I think it’s paying off.


The camera man on crowd duties did an excellent job of capturing fit Swedish women. I have consoled them all in the mind garden. It was hot work. They are now all sporting the Ritchie ‘look’


It’s genuinely difficult to spot a munter. Bit weird really, like some spectacularly successful eugenics experiment.


Just reading the BBC app post-match pundits; anyone would think we’d bloody won the cup!

I’d be delighted if we played well and got to the final, but it’s starting to smell of hubris


They only sent the dogs to England on the Viking ships


I’ve yet to see the cameras focus on a fit English girl in the crowd. Funny that…


Loved the bloke dressed as Gareth Southgate in the crowd


You only have to look at pictures of the English men in the crowd, no good looking girl would want to be around them!


For reasons, I was in the Police post at Wimbledon tennis one year. There was a big bank of monitors and CCTV cameras all around the grounds.
Every camera was zoomed in on a pretty girl in the crowd.
Real cushy number for the Met, no hassle and plenty of perving!


2 interesting observations, one by Guy Mowbray about how Sweden really do play in the way England always used to & looked like dinosaurs. Also Klinsmann reminding us that Italy won in 2006 with 70% set piece goals. There’s plenty of different ways to do this and many other supposedly better teams are watching it on TV. England do have a team spirit for the first time since 1990.


Harry Kane will be hoping it’s Croatia - he loves playing against Lovren.


I think Russia in the semi is the better choice. They are a limited team playing way above themselves spurred on by home advantage and that will falter at some point. Croatia are a very talented team playing below themselves and if they click they could be very dangerous.


Agreed, I suspect we could adopt a similar plan against Russia as was used today &do ok.
That said the host nation boost can’t be underestimated. Croatia could potentially be extremely difficult as they do have good enough players to unpick any defence. If they’re on it.


These two. Playing for the right to meet England. Fucking hell! ,:smiley:


Sounds great


I’ve been impressed by the Russian right back Fernandez in this tournament so far.


Yes, even France '98 had a load of set piece goals.