C’mon Russia!


C’mon extra time!


Needs many more yellow cards too.


Five hundred posts since I last had chance to read this thread so haven’t read them but this looks very good for England to actually make the final. Wow :flushed:


The goalie has a broken arse by the look of it


Delighted with that result


Both will have played an extra hour of football. Not insignificant.


Yep. A couple more yellows and another injury or two for the eventual winners will also be nice.


Looks like the goalie doubles up as a car jack


Croatians are dropping like flies


Croatia look ready to fall to bits. Mind you, Mandzucic always looks like that.




I hope Russia run Croatia ragged now whilst trying to equaise…


come on russia


Russia should start hacking them for the last 20 mins


That’s that, Croatia can’t lose from here.
Much rather see England play Croatia than all the extra pressures on and off the pitch that an England v Russia game would bring…

Hope England get to the final and British freeloading politicians and Royals stay at home.


Russian director maintaining his commitment to hot babes, despite the national team being behind.


David Davis & Farage are doing the half time entertainment for the final




Madge will still go, disguised as a cockney trombone player in the band