Cheryshevs a player!




I’m telling you, we don’t want to get these.




And it will all be Gavin Williamson’s fault.


That Modric is shit, didn’t track his runner!


Putin, sat in the crowd with his hand selected referee. No thanks.


Only problem is if the faltering doesn’t happen until the eighth game of the tournament!!


Get in!


Haha, there’s been 1 bad game in the entire tournament. Madness.


With each player and their families promised their very own Gulag for failure.


The Ruskies are all prob on the next gen undetectable PED, run everyone into the ground and 90 per cent of the team dead by Xmas but they have won the WC and Putin has a landslide at the next election.


It is more fabulous entertainment.


Mind, he doesn’t need a WC win to win an election by a landslide!


We’ve got the bbq on the go. Sat on the patio with the telly in the back room showing the game.

Fingers crossed for a Croatia win on pens. Id like that.


Someone will buy Cheryshev for big money and he will turn out like Arshavin.



It could transform everything. [/maths joke]


Lol, how did that not go in?