Wow! Three shit penalties.


To quote the late great Sid Wadell

“They might have Shakespeare on BBC2 but you can’t beat this for drama”


Lucky git


Fun fact: Sid had an English degree from Cambridge.


Could be the quietest stadium ever in a min


Shit haircut boy scores!


Or the noisiest, if he misses :grinning:


Brilliant. The result I’d hoped for.

We’ll beat Croatia.


How the hell did Spain lose to Russia?


They forgot that the object is to score the most goals rather than make the most passes.


Fantastic run for Russia, I reckon Croatia will give us a hard time.

My mums grandad was Croatian, so I have an interest in the finals whatever happens.


Nothing shown tonight that should worry us for the next match. Incredibly, we seem to have a real chance of being in a world cup final. Or have I taken too many drugs? :blush:


Croatia looked fantastic against the Argies,but average in the last 2 games.
Will be a tough game


Umm Croatia can play better than that. Will be very tough.




Does he take a good penalty?

The Football

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You gotta love this software :grinning:


More drama.


No way it’ll cope with a prog album, eh?