For Sale: Sebago Docksides Portland Leather Waxed shoes (unworn)

bought these last December - only recently found, and tried on!! UK size 9, unworn apart from trying on.

Too narrow on my left foot - given i’d forgotten i had them and my oversupply of shoes, i am unlikely to wear them. I paid about £85 in the Sebago sale. How does £50 posted (or £45 collected from Herts) sound?

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Dr Cunty’s Cunty Shoe Emporium is real :smile: :partying_face:


If they fit small (i am an 8) I’d take them. I suspect they fit TTS? Just narrow?

I kicked the arse out of my Timberland ones and miss their versatility in summer.

they were narrow on me at a 9. These days I am buying 10s for recreational shoes. 9s are OK for smart.

PM me with you address,

What size for Fully concentrated contemplation shoes?


If they are a UK9 they will be too big for you.
I find Sebago fit true to size

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they don’t on me

You have weird feet

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This thread has legs.

But no sole.

Sorry, now I feel a bit of a heel :frowning:


@SAP7 I think if you are an 8 then they’ll probably be too big.

They fit me on the length as a 9 should do, but are narrow towards the toes on my troublesome left foot. Right foot fits as expected

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I’ve been Googling hence the lack of response. It would seem they are TTS everywhere, with some anomalies rather than whole size issues.

I have too many shoes, but these type of shoes are do it all’s, and greet for holidays.