Formula 1 Manager 2017

New year, new cars, seats changed and a new owner. How much difference it will make to the action is speculation, but let’s see how much your luck changes in 2017.

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I’ve let Sam and Sodders know it’s game on.

what’s the league password to join?

Scalford IIRC.

Right I really want to have a play at this game this year, how the hell do I do it?

I fink i’ve done it, guess who I am :slight_smile:

Ooh, that’s a tough one. :slight_smile:
Team Built By Badgers on the grid.
It should be set to show so let me know if it doesn’t.

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Who won last year ??

Edit: I don’t know why we bother - he’s proper cacked the prices up: one can normally chose a medium quyality shitbox and three nasty shitbox / grannydriver options, this year it’s shitboxes and grannies all round.

Given the ease of falling off the pace so quickly, we may as well pick straws

(Team picked and ready to roll, just waiting to see who replaqces weirhlein for the Sauber gig if he continues to have neck-knack)

Well I’ve picked my team (I think), I just went for the cheapest with no thought what so ever…god knows what will happen LOL.

Yes, I was disappointed not to have a Torro Rosso somewhere in the line up.
We’ll struggle to make headway.

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Picked my team too.
At this stage blind luck with regard to which of the minor teams actually finish plays a bigger part than any superior knowledge I reckon :grinning:

That’s why I’m holding for the AUS practices.

Have Haas worked out why their brakes don’t work, when others do?

There’s this available on offer if anyone fancies a try??

How much after March 27th (next week) ?
Academic question really as i wouldn’t pay to play a F1 game. I only play the one we are in because people i know are in the league which makes it a bit of fun, and it is free. My interest in F1 does not extend to paying to play a game (or indeed paying to watch it).

It’s £12.50 until the 27th and £25 iirc, but you get a full blown pc game for your dosh, similar levels of complexity to football manager and their ilk…

I’ve not played it, but might give it a whirl once I’m back in the uk.

Re F1 manager I’ve registered but can’t select a team on my iPad as the ‘i’ buttons don’t work… Also where’s the instructions/rules apart from the FAQ, which are sparse imo??

Also can you change your team for free before the first race??

There aren’t many rules.
Pick your team and off you go
Always worth setting a pole time guess as that can bring in a few quid.
When you change a part of your team you lose 10% of the value of the thing you are trading in.
i don’t think you can change your team without penalty ever.

thanks for that, I’ll have a better look when I’m at home with my PC. :+1:

Prolly got it all wrong going with hopeful Renaults.
Whilst the Haas might have the best of last years engine.