Formula 1 Manager 2017


Anyone get near the pole time?

I was about a second too quick, so much for the cars being 4-5 seconds quicker on a lap, mind you there’s not many fast corners on this circuit and times might be quicker on more traditional courses…


Wtf is SDK Facebook to do with site, when would never use faecesbook?

Unable to sign in, though entered team and pole prediction.


Has the site gone tits up?

Not seeing an update yet from Sunday…:astonished:


@Jarno is probably on holiday.


AS Oz says, site owner is sometimes away and scoring is (obviously) done manually

What team names do people have ? (copenhagen all stars here)


Built by Badgers (and may have a wheel about to come off).
I cocked up two races ago when I sold down Hulkenberg and the Renault chassis in an effort to get a Ferrari engine.
However as this was done late one evening when I was rather refreshed I hadn’t realised that I’d ended up paying out money to downgrade to Haas, leaving me with insufficient.
Not immediately disadvantageous as Renault aren’t really doing anything but it means I’m further away from future upgrades.


Superoo. Natch.



Fuck off Yellow :angry:


Racisistism and colouristism all at once. Nicely played!!



Similar to Steve, have stuffed this season by jumping in the wrong seats at the wrong race. Mid-field jostling only to come.


Woohoo, guessed 1:42.500 on the pole time.
First time I’ve got anywhere near…


Good guess :+1:

I guessed 1:42:555 :smirk:


I forgot


Superb result.
Is this you earlier stroking your crystal ball…



I chose to stroke summat else :wink:


Seems a bit pointless having Force India in my team if the drivers are the best of enemies.


I had 1:42.456 - think you were closer than me


£2,000,000 quid close :+1: