Formula 1 Manager 2017


Is the league #2, New Frontiers on here?


Not sure was it Phil??

However the season is over for the league, even if Palmer wins every race left for the season, the mechanics of the game means you’re champion, and a very respectable overall place of 42 so far!

Many congrats Craig!


The game IS bobbins in that an early windfall (or not) defines the outcome

I’m by no means home free though, there’s still plenty of time for dnf or two to throw a spanned in the works, though it’s surely only 2nd who can catch me now


I’m TSM F1, just switched Vettel and Ferrari to Hamilton and Mercedes before Singapore :smiley:




Yep, the gods were deffo smiling on Louis today!


Yesterday I thought that was a brave move, but today…
Oh well, another year of just missing out on the podium. :tired_face:


Thought I’d take the gamble, got lucky.


Unlike Ferrari


Who only have themselves (Vettel) to blame.


Nice Lewis / Merc pick, edd

Should be a tight end to the season


Getting VERY tight now. We can thank Ferrari for that, the numpties


Yeah, as soon as I added them to my team it all goes tits up.
I’ve managed to switch to the Merc engine now though so that should even things up a bit…


You are going to put some Mercedes components in your team, aren’t you?? :+1:


1st priority is (metaphorically) killing Kimi Raikkonen with fire til he is dead

I love Kimi as much as the next Finn, but the monosyllabic little fecker has screwed me good and proper since i got him 2 races agoi.

I may as well have stuck with Gorsjean and upgraded the Ferrari engine / chassis to Merc.


Thread resurrcetion. F1 Fantasy wotnot is live again for 2018. I’m sure someone knows the code for anyone who’s coming late to the party

FWIW, my heart still glows from all the well wishes on my victory last year, Y’all just too nice


Can we have a new thread for this year please?