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Has been working fine for me doing a £5 monthly payment from paypal using card.


Maybe it’s the other way round then (I can’t work out why it would be though). But it is a fact that there is some arcane reason why some Paypal users can set up monthly payments and others can’t.



I would guess so as a debit card payment clears straight away whereas if a bank doesn’t support faster payments it could take a few days to clear.


I do not link my bank account to paypal and never will, I do not trust them.
I’ll just send a payment when i remember / when i see this reminder thread.


If you’re using a debit card then that more-or-less links direct to your bank account. I use a credit card as it gives me protection in the event of Paypal acting unjustly. They would piss all over me as an individual but the credit card companies employ more expensive lawyers than I can afford and Paypal won’t risk trying to shaft them (most bullies have a well-developed sense of who they can get away with victimising and who they can’t).



Nope, works fine £5 / mth from a Current Account for me.


Same for me


Yes. That’s my point.

Paypal linked to bank account, debit card, pretty much anything other than a credit card I imagine: monthly payments can be set up.

Paypal linked to a credit card (so the account holder gets credit card protection against being stiffed): monthly payments can’t be set up.



Thanks for the reminder. Just sent a contribution.


Very odd - I had a monthly donation set up for a while but it seems to have disappeared so I’ve set up another one :+1:


Finally got the link to work, so have bunged a handful of 50p s into the meter.


Moola slung into the kitty


Set up monthly donation.


Just sent 25 sheets. It’ll come from my wife’s account.


When are you gonna tell her? :grin:


Just paid £25.


Monthly payment setup.


Yep, monthly contribution set up.


Looks like we can have a dealer section just to troll people now, rather than the pretense of needing the money.


Just did a one off £30