Forum Funding


Hi guys

We’re back at the point where funds in the hosting account are getting on the low side. To try and avoid a semi-regular post, I’m asking if people willing to contribute could set up a small monthly payment (even £2 a month is great) to help keep the forum running.

You can use the following link to set up a payment:


Made a small payment as requested but didn’t see an option to have it repeat monthly - is that possible with Paypal?


It is but possibly not through that link, will need to check.

Oh and for those wondering, The Computer Tailor was a hobby company I used to run for beer money whilst at uni.


Payment sent.

I made a single payment and then I used the button which took me to my Paypal account. I could see the single payment in my list of transactions and under it was another button which said something like ‘Repeat this payment’. I guess that’s how you set up a regular payment. (I didn’t this time because right now it suits me to pay in lumps, but I might in future.)





I think you should be able to set up a recurring donation using the following link:


Yep, works. Set up a recurring :+1:


Made a donation,

Wanted to set up a recurring but didn’t get the option?


If you click the second link I posted, there is a tick box by the donation amount to make it a recurring payment.



If I get off the rock & roll and back to rogering the economy as a banker I’ll set up a recurring payment.


Not happening here, I’m afraid?


I have sent a payment and will set up a regular payment next month.


Ok sent you some dosh…:+1:


I have sent you something


Sorted :thumbsup:


Sorry, recurring thing doesn’t show up on my tablet. So sent a lump sum instead. Reminder when funds are needed again would be appreciated


Cheers chaps.

@pmac, I know there are some things that Paypal doesn’t show if on a mobile device or using one of the apps, which is super helpful of them. :unamused:


Sent some cash.


Sent a donation. Actually, I got an error message from PayPal so sent another from another card, but it looks like the first one actually went through…so you got double bubble! Never mind. :grinning:


And you think that was an accident? :wink:

(Happy to refund if it was too much btw)