Forum Funding


Stop posting photos of your R2R will a small album cover in front of it and use a url of a cover posted elsewhere :wink:


Well, yeah, but their are bigger offenders out there (in both senses of the word…)


Tried to increase my monthly regular payment but Paypal doesn’t seem to want to let me do that, so sent an additional one-off payment.


All done, cheers.


Still can’t fathom the regular monthly but sent £20.

Is s/o an option ?


My monthly PayPal seems to be going through. Let me know if it’s not enough.



Looking down through the list of users & posts read over the most recent 3 months, there are a solid 100+ members who’ve each viewed in excess of 5000 posts.

If all of those users were to pay £1 per month it would cover the costs, but you have to see that you all actually do it either by setting up a recurring payment or putting in an annual lump.


Sent a score.


Some pennies sent


PayPal make it so bloody hard to do though.

I have mine set up but whenever I’ve tried to help someone new do it, the option isn’t there or you have to through non-obvious routes to find it.


It’s worth re-posting the link to set up a repeating monthly donation.

Is this not working?


Very much so. The initial recurring payment was easy to set up and continues, but I just spent half an hour trying, unsuccessfully, to increase my monthly payment, FFS.


I wear my lopwell t shirt to work with pride.
My workmate looks at the logo,and thinks wtf…job done


Funds sent.


The average cost of a pint in the UK is £3.50ish (Seemingly £5 in the Metropolis)
£3 a month would ensure everything gets covered and things can stay abnormally wonderful


I had the same problem, so now I make 2 monthly payments.


Yeah, that crossed my mind. Anyway, I’ve made a one-off for now. I’ll do what you did, at some stage.


The problem seems to be the way in which my Paypal account is funded. I can’t remember the details now, but it’s something like if you fund it by direct link to a bank account then Paypal will allow you to set up monthly payments. But if you fund it via a credit card, which you may want to do if you don’t like Paypal declaring themselves judge, jury and executioner when it comes to any dispute, then they won’t offer you the monthly option. The repeat payment button just isn’t there on the screen.



made a contribution.