Forum Funding


No worries Jon, it’s fine.


Done. I expect repeated random sausage-fingered deletions if I am to get any value for my money. The amount of Hi Fi and Porsche related posting recently is scandalous and simply lowers the tone of the place entirely.


Ooh, there is an update available for the forum software now that you mention such things.


I’ll write and post couple of my Psyke thingos the morning of the intended update if you’ll give me some advanced notice. That way I can claim to have contributed to the forum and nobody need be bothered by any of it if the deletion goes as smoothly as last time…


Forum will disappear in



It actually went without a hitch, which was nice.


More like

ps. Will setup a reoccurring now.


:poop: xc :poop:ll :poop:nt !

gr :poop:at
wh :poop:n
:poop:v :poop:rything
go :poop:s
plan !





Recurring payment set up


You’l have to wait till I get paid!


Will put something in the pot when I get home


Monthly protection payment plan set up.


Done. Couldn’t see a recurring option so I have covered a few months.


Likewise, sent some for the next few months.


envoyé :+1:


Sent some


Couldn’t find the monthly jobbie, so sent enough to cover my :muscle::fuelpump:️:custard::turkey: benefits


Sorted. Where do I get my super wammer plus badge?


On a different forum.

Here, you’re just a cunt, like the rest of us