Forum Funding


You’re not an experienced audiophile so fuck off you can’t have one :laughing:


A[quote=“freefallrob, post:31, topic:744, full:true”]
You’l have to wait till I get paid!

Yep, same as this. Sorry !


Soon as i can get in front,i’ll send a few quid Jon.


In there. But waiting DLA/PIP downgrading, which may alter ability to pay for medications.




Re. interwebs -

“If you’re not paying for it, you are the product.”


Few squid sent.


John, could you re-post the link for setting up a regular payment please?


That should give you the correct option.


Just made a donation.



Thanks John.


Just setup a reoccurring, is £5 per month too stingy?


The Wam is only £20 per year and you get a load of bonus benefits included. :rofl



Indeed - there’s the vibrant classifieds, the erm, and the um…

You get your own special flag, telling the world you are…special. I am very proud of mine.

Here, by contrast, contributing means you’re the same cunt you were before, only slightly poorer and with a bigger chip on yer shoulder.

I’m in.


I’ve sent two bob - only right that I chip in for all the lurking I’ve done.


I’m totally broke as usual, so better stop typing now…


Haven’t worked out the regular payment but sent some more.


Can be thoroughly confident that gmail denies that is valid address.


That would be weird, as the incoming emails are processed using GSuite.