FR64s opinion

Any opinion or experience of the Fidelity Research FR64s and the Cartridges that suit it.

I loved mine and thought it worked well with audio note io and oddly the Hana sl as well

Great arm

Had one in the early 80s. Should never have sold it

Superb arm. Needs a cartridge that is happy with high mass arm.


I’ve got one at the moment and it works really well with the AN Io cart.

What other carts as well as IOs would work well?
Preferably a few that don’t cost thousands :grinning::grinning:

Denon 103r :joy:

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Ortofon SPU.

Dynavectir too

Decca Gold would be an interesting one to try.

Fidelity Research FR-7



I have one with an IO 1 and it works really well, but it is not the most neutral arm, a certain amount of character in the midrange, but hugely entertaining and very enjoyable.

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Thoughts on the 64S compared to SME4?

I have had both, on an Oracle, but did not do enough listening, to either, to be much use, other than to say, I didn’t notice anything. I used a Benz Micro Wood L, on both.
Sorry not to be more help.
I currently still have the SME IV and Benz.

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I prefer my 64s to my V

I’ve got IV and chatting to the fella on the Wam about buying his.

I’ve got the carts that suit (IO2 /Koetsu), but also Mission Mechanic (16g) which is better compliance match.

Koetsu’s like 18g + of effective mass.

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Oh no, mine has only 12g. Should experiment with a bit more weight on it, but can’t really be arsed most of the time.