Friday trip to Definitive

I went, ostensibly to help Kevin set up some computer audio shenanigans, but it was also a good opportunity to see his new listening room, which is in an extra building he has taken on in the converted mill complex where the main office, workshop and listening rooms are based.

Apologies for the poor quality phone pic:

…and the massive ethernet cable looping across the floor.

I estimate the room is something like 40’x25’x11’

We listened to Vox Palladians. I like the much less ostentatious patinated metal trumpet on the tweeter than the shiny gold on the Olympians.

I also saw but didn’t hear the Kronos deck in the original listening room.


Go Kev.

I’m crying here.

I’m smiling.

Lovely to see!

so very, very true

I might as well be the first to say 'Meh!':grinning:

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It’s got a Hendrix curly lead.

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If only it were that cool.

I really need an excuse to get back up there, haven’t visited for a few years, I might actually have to buy something :cry:

Blimey that picture makes it look a lot more spartan than I remember it being a month or so back!

Would love to hear it at some point.

Think those palladians could work in your room Mark :grinning:

I prefer the look of the old rooms lined with lps and cds. Can understand why Kevin wants to get a ground floor room though, must be a nightmare getting the speakers upstairs.

The Palladins would work great. The subs would be a bit more of a challenge :smiley:

Any other pics of the room & that table?

No, but I’m going back next month. That table is magnificent.

I think it started as a glass top but was going to be disastrous for reflections hence the new surface.

The Palladiums sounded magnificent when I was there on Wednesday, the room is big but I think it has a really nice feel.

It’s round the corner from me… will have to go and be nosey!

Don’t. You’ll go back home and start resenting your own system.

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I’m happy with my lot.
It does what I want and looks how the wife wants.

And fits.

Until the Hugo TT 2 comes along…