FS: Matching Marantz Esotec MA-5 Mono Blocks & SC6 Class A preamp

Hard to find as a set these are in excellent working condition and could be yours :slight_smile:


I bought the MA-5 monoblocks off @stu who had the transformers replaced etc by Toprepairman (Henry). The monoblocks are fixed in Class A operation at c 25wpc. There is a small amount of hum through the speakers but which is inaudible during playback, but if you have really sensitive horns then they’re not for you.

In addition I sourced a matching SC6 preamp which is a hefty big unit and has an on board MM/MC phono stage. There are lots of switches etc on the front panel so it looks like a proper man’s preamp :+1:

I could ship at your cost and risk but would prefer pickup/ meet up/ Abattoir Meat Wagon, or drop off at Lopwell etc.

Looking for £850 for the MA-5s and £450 for the SC6. A deal could be negotiated for the pair.

I’ve copied the pics of the MA-5s from the original advert below and some pics of the SC-6



yummy !!!


The way of the Wam lives on !!

otherwise known as buy it before I get grief from the commander on flotsam and jetsam

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Cider pig knows the beauty

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Less of your lip, buy it you little fuzzy ferret!


I would love to and I know it would make the h6s happy

Do it :innocent:

Make me an offer.

Half a pack of Tangy Cheese Doritos and a signed pair of my underpants?

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Price reduced.

Would have these back if i had the funds,lovely amps

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