Marantz Esotec MA-5 monoblocks and SC-6 preamp

Depending on how upcoming amp trials go, I’m thinking of passing these on. Would prefer them to stay on forum, hence offering at lower price than elsewhere. They’ve been great for me, and with a bit of attention have got them working a treat, so obviously now it’s time for a change :roll_eyes:

On purchasing twelve months ago I had Firebottle (Alan) of AoS give them the once over to ensure all switches on the pre-amp were acting as they should. They have served me very well, never getting too warm and providing my first taste of Class A sound.

The big surprise is the quality of the phono stage (equaled my Trilogy 906, so I sold it!), and the excellent headphone stage, which powered my HD600 comfortably.

Collection or meet up/delivery preferred from Stratford upon Avon.
Looking for £700 for the MA-5s and £350 for the SC6.

Link to previous sale thread;

Pictures here;

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Noice :heart_eyes:

As good as the MA-5s are, the preamp is such a gem too. GLWTS.

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Would be awful if I were forced to keep them :blush:

Sold stp