FS: Naim Nait XS 3

I’m sure I’ll get laughed out of the pub, but tant pis

Naim Nait XS 3, 100w per channel integrated amplifier (and nothing else - no DAC, no streamer).

Mostly a featureless black box, apparently has a good phono stage, but I wouldn’t know, and a good headphone section, but again I wouldn’t know.

Comes with box, instructions (it’s not rocket science), remote and fancy schmancy mains cable.

Cost £2199 in February 2020.

Yours for £1500. I’d rather not ship - if you live near a reasonable railway station I could probably hand-carry, or you could collect.

I’m also open to swapsies for something solid state and relatively compact that doesn’t buzz like an angry hornet when you plug Sonos bits into it.

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Sure is a lot of bored people out there :laughing:

That’s a shame. Did absolutely none of the grounding stuff work then?

Unfortunately not. It sounded good on paper, but grounding (via a spare phono - there are no case screws to unscrew) to either the knurled knob on the back on the amp, or to the mains via an ECD plug, seems to make zero difference.

At the whisper-quiet volumes I usually employ it’s still quite audible, and with the volume at 12 it sounds like a wasp in a matchbox.

The Sonos, by contrast, is quiet as the grave, apart from the actual music obvs.

Shame. As Sir has no need of a phono stage, Sir needs a Rega Aethos which is a big propulsive bastard of a thing which has a conventionally grounded input board.

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Sir already knows this and is just going off to self-administer a huge punch in the cock.

When Sir originally bought the Naim he demoed it, a Supernait and the Aethos. He liked the Aethos but was eventually put off by the brute weight of the thing (do I really need something this nasty?) and the aggressive-looking backplane (when I’ll only ever be plugging one thing into it).


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Well… I’m afraid I don’t need your amp but I could collect that one for you if you elect to buy it.

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Also the seller is grumpyoldgit68. I guess that makes me grumpyevenoldergit66

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Passive pre and a hulking great power amp on the floor. Minimal wasted inputs

Did you prefer the XS over the Supernait? I thought the latter was smoother to my ears (I actually preferred my Nait 5i over the XS (original model).

Umm, this was obviously over a year ago, but the main thing I remember not liking was the 50% increase in price over the Nait versus little perceivable difference in sound.

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Would the dealer perhaps be generous on trade-in?

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Do you need to borrow an amp?

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Quite possibly, but at the moment I’ll see how it pans out ampless, and I would prefer to spend no more money at all.

Thank you, but no. I’m just using a “spare” Sonos AMP all-in-one at the moment - it seems fine.

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Nice to see the ‘For Sale’ thread going so well :grinning:

Someone on the Wam looking for one.

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I might have to see if I can create an account there :grimacing:

Some aspects of The Naim Experience never change… :grin:

Should have added moar power supplies m8!

Frigzarmpull: this is a CD player -


Is that @htm_1968 ‘s legendary wall o’ Naim, or a mere pretender?