FS - Teribil Audio KattKista MkIII Speakers

Due to a change in circumstances I have not been able to collect these from Mike, so they are back up for sale for someone else to enjoy.

These are the MkIII’s, with Corian baffles and solid ply (not veneer) cabinets.
A high quality driver compliment - Hiquphon OW1 and Seas CA15RLY.
H 32 X W 21.5 x D 25 cm. Weight 6.7 Kg each.

Link below to original listing, thanks Mike for allowing me to reuse.

For sale - Teribil Audio KattKista MkIII speakers

Price is £650 excluding delivery.
I would consider a trade for a decent phono stage.


They are bloody good, they are.
Had a pair here for awhile.