FS: Wilson Benesch Arcs

Two-way stand-mounters with downward firing bass ports. The spiked stands are integral. This pair is in the “Regal” (IIRC) silver cheeks finish.

In very good condition. The only marks I can see are maybe some swirls in the black perspex tops from being dusted over many years.

I still have the instructions (tricky stuff) and a strange spanner that might be for adjusting the spikes on the stands.

I bought these new in 2007 for £2600.

Unfortunately these are collection-only from London SE21. I carefully kept the packing cases for many years but they were eventually destroyed in a slight “flooding” incident.

£700 £500 please, of which £50 will go to this disreputable establishment.

In the unlikely event of competition preference will be given to regulars.

and just to prove that there are actually two of them


Does anybody know if these would work in a (very) small room ?

For approximately one week.


:rofl: you could well be right, but would they work for that week or just sit there, booming ?

Haha, I’m sure someone will have an opinion on that.

Sorry, absolutely not a clue. I’ve only ever used them in my supremely hostile living room (parquet floor, one wall is glass, the opposite wall, err, isn’t there) and they never boomed, chuffed or otherwise broke wind.

OTOH this is probably irrelevant as to whether they would boom for your 72 hours of ownership :grin:

If they worked, I could see them last, ooh, a month or so. I just can’t find any info on whether they would suit a smaller room.

Are you a scientist, or a mouse?

I hear ya, but, I’d like to at least try and mitigate the risk of yet another failed experiment.

Stop fannying around and get them bought - they’re a bargain and you’re going to do it anyway.


Yeah, no, maybe, but you lot know everything about hi-fi and stuff, so I thought I’d milk your collective udder beforehand.

Fat lot of good it’s doing me.

We are like vultures - feasting upon your torment!


Good move putting some clothes on before picking up the camera!


As the port is on the bottom of the speaker rather than the back, I would have thought so.

You’ll buy them, they are a great price.

OK, a wider question then - what do people reckon to ARC’s ?

Good for Rock / EDM ?

I suspect worse case it will take you days to move them on again, rather than hours.

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Y’see all this hand wringing is but as nought compared with actually transporting the things from Deepest South Circular :grimacing:

Happy to pick them up, but, fuck up yet again reasons …

Just been out for a walk and remembered something that might be pertinent.

The two bass drivers do not look the same. See the “wrinkle” at 6 o’ clock in the second picture.

It’s been like that since day one. It doesn’t, AFAIK, affect the sound. I’ve always had the grilles on. But I’d rather a potential purchaser knew in advance rather than get home and then say “oh” :man_shrugging:

Seen loads of WB like this, means nowt .