FTTP question

Open Reach chap came this week to fit FTTP

Told me he would have to run fibre from the pole outside my house to the router location (in my lounge at opposite side of house).
Then drill though my wall and put a fag packet size block on my lounge wall, which then plugs into my router.

Is it not more easy to take the wire to the existing BT master socket in the garage (simple job) and then plug the new box into that, so we can just use the existing Ethernet cable network built in to the house, and run the router off the Ethernet dock??

Or is that not possible?

If you have Ethernet from your router to your ‘modem’ you can get the optical termination box put where your modem is - they should put it where you want

At the moment we have copper wire from the pole to the garage (master Ethernet socket).

The house has several connected Ethernet ports (phone sockets?) in different rooms, and my router has always just plugged into any one of them.

The engineer said the optical box has to go where I want my router (has to be where tv is for lots of reasons… where all my cables are).
Just wondered why it can’t be placed in the garage and connected to the in wall Ethernet cable network?! Then use the lounge socket as we are doing now.

If that makes any sense ?
(Drill into my garage not mess up my lounge)

Or is it that the current sockets are phone things, not actually suitable for connecting to the optical box??

You need to differentiate between your LAN, which is the network inside your house, and the WAN, which is outside. Your router is the interface between these.

The BT line needs to go into your router WAN socket, and then one of the LAN sockets feeds into your wired ethernet. That is what he is suggesting.

If you use your internal cabling to connect the BT line to the router, then your internal cabling will be on the WAN, not on the LAN. It then wouldn’t work correctly.

You could certainly put your router anywhere, such as in the garage, if that’s where you want the BT line to come in. You would then plug a cable from the router LAN socket to your ethernet system.

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Ring BT, and ask to speak to an engineer.
They can answer your technical questions.
They may not be as easy to get in contact with, as they used to be, but you will get someone who knows what they are talking about.

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I think that might be it. The current wire is into a phone socket master in the garage (that’s what is around the house).
We then plug the router into one of those sockets.

Sounds like that is redundant as far as being able to connect to fibre in any way?
Confusing Ethernet cable and phone cable?

The router has to be in the lounge for WiFi reasons and just to use it’s ports for the ps5 and the sky box etc.
I was just hoping we could piggy back the socket network and site the optical thing in the garage.



If it’s an issue, you could separate the router, wifi access point, and network switch roles. So (1) router in the garage, ethernet connection to your house ethernet, (2) Wifi Access Points wherever you need them, (3) network switch in the living room where you need loads of cables.

Your existing phone master socket won’t be specced for FTTP, and Openreach will want standardisation of their termination point into your home, hence them wanting to fit a new CPE (customer premise equipment) close to where you usually have your router.

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I don’t have any cable set up beyond what the house has, which is the phone sockets all over.

I think I have mistaken that for a network that could manage to carry the optical box output.

There is no alternative so I think it’s back to the hole in the lounge wall!

One last bone question:

If they did fit the socket into the garage with minimum faff…

Is my only option to then run a new wired Ethernet system to the lounge so I could site hard wired switch there?
What Adam is suggesting would be a recable job??
The router in the garage would make only possible to connect everything by WiFi without a rewire?

Post a picture of what’s in your garage

It’s a phone socket

Then the long cable from that to your router needs replacing with Ethernet cable if you want the fibre to come in to the garage. But unless it’s miles away that should be fine

I assume your router has a WAN socket or a spare network socket ?

The cables behind that and my entire phone system is in the walls. I can’t replace the cable to the lounge unless I can literally pull it through by hand…

I cant run Ethernet unless it’s hidden.
If I took that off the wall I guess (it’s just a guess) I can’t tape some Ethernet to the cable behind d it and just pull the other end in my lounge?

There has to be some resistance / bottleneck? It’s a good ten to 15 metres and two rooms of walls.

You would run an ethernet cable from the garage to the ethernet switch, wherever that is.

You would run an ethernet cable from the garage to the ethernet switch, wherever that is.

That doesn’t appear to be English, but I imagine that it’s the same answer once more.

If this set up isn’t up to FTTP that answers my question.
I’d make a mess running Ethernet visibly over exterior walls to the lounge.
I don’t think I could feed it into the garage wall opening and pull it out at the lounge end?
And I am not buying 20m of cable to try it unless anyone tells me it is would not be an issue!

The existing cable can’t just be that easy to pull through - must strapped down internally and not just sat in some hidden tube to make it a breeze!?

You’re not pulling through to the lounge, it’s to wherever the ethernet switch is. I would advise you to find out where that is, then you can decide what to do. It would be a great place to put your router, if it would be convenient for the BT line.

It sounds like the existing wiring is for phones, not Ethernet, so there is no Ethernet switch.


I can’t imaging the cable is ducted. Its going to be tacked or taped somewhere internally.

The house was built in 2009 so wondered if the cable may be up to the job anyway. I suspect OpenReach won’t want to take that chance.

It’s a ten minute job to site it in the garage. It’s an hour and some big drills and ladders to get to my lounge (from the back of the house it’s a few m up !).

And yes there is no switch. Just a phone network embedded in the walls. Sockets spread across the house with hidden wiring. I had hoped this wiring could carry the data from the optical conversion box (CPE?).