The Desert Eagle ammo is not the .50 cal BMG ( Browning Machine Gun) round that you’re possibly imagining. If it were the hand grip would be enormous, far too big to hold.

The Desert Eagle uses a .50 cal AE (action express) which is a much smaller round (shorter, and lighter)

It will go through a wall, just not a 12" one. An encyclopedia would not present much of a challenge to it.

From 2.50 in this vid, you can see it will penetrate about 11" of solid wood. A BMG would obliterate the lot.


Edit: although, if you really must, there is this:

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WTF is that about…and I thought fresh lemon eyebath was mad…

That is one of the funniest things I’ve seen. I showed it to my brother and he nearly had a heart attack laughing.

Fuck me how did I miss this - I very nearly shat myself laughing there/

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Just watched that again - world-class lunacy.