Garage/basement storage

The water leak means I’m probably going to have to replace all my basement storage. It’s not a huge problem tbh, as it was all a bit thrown together really.

I need storage for the usual tools and random shit. I don’t care what it looks like. Being on castors would be handy, but not essential.

Not measured yet, but probably about 2.5m wide, 1.7m high. I also need a desk type facility for working on; that can sit to one side.

What are people’s experiences with deeper units, say 60cm deep? Would seem to be an efficient use of space, but is it a pain in practice?

And specific recommendations? Ideally within 3 figures, but I’d like to do it properly.

I hope you’re not turning the man-cave into a workshop :angry:

No more than it was already

Maybe steel racking then?

Dexion were always the go-to make when I used to specify that kind of thing.

Some impressively industrial looks there :heart_eyes:

It’s very good quality industrial racking. No frills, it just does the job it is designed to do.

Yeah I think I might go for something like that. At the moment I reckon 600mm deep would make sense, but the height is an issue - the basement is less than 2m high.

They’re easily cut down to size

Another vote for Dexion if the stuff you’re storing is not seriously heavy. Unistrut otherwise.

Or just browsing through all the options at Rapid Racking.

This has been quite complicated to get right tbh. After much searching online I’ve gone for this:

It was the only thing I could find that was the exact right size: I need 600mm deep, and ideally 1200m wide. I also was somewhat excited to see next day delivery, although (1) they’re based in Ireland, so we’ll see about that, and (2) I’ve just realised that I’m out tomorrow!


I use something very similar in my garage and it’s excellent.

Use something similar in the brewhouse.


  • the old damaged storage, sofa and carpet have been removed.
  • the random shit has been moved and decimated, roughly, with a lot more still to go.
  • about 1/3 of the floor painted.
  • storage built.
  • random shit moved on to new storage, another decimation, still more to go.
  • the second third of the floor painted (one coat so far).
  • insurance agreed and some cash to come.
  • Turkish rug with the dry cleaners to get a wash, we’ll see how it goes.

Still to do:

  • clad stairs in wood and paint
  • add stud wall to stairs and paint
  • do lighting in stairs and work area
  • stair runner carpet
  • buy new rugs and storage for smaller stuff

In a way, having the leak has been a good thing, as the basement had become full of junk and wasn’t being used. Now it will be better than ever.


Are you using proper floor paint?
I nearly passed out doing a floor in Crouch End even with all the windows open

Yeah floor paint. It’s getting two coats even though it suggests three!

I only do an hour at a time because I’m a lazy cunt.

Had enough of experts?


He’s just a rebel.

Where did you stash all your horn kit while doing this man-cave refurb?

It might get a third in places that might be walked on, but most will be covered in rugs.

@jim they are still in place, that’s the third that hasn’t been painted! I’m not sure what to do about that really.