Gigs I'm going to. The Gyroscope diaries

Loudest thing I ever heard was a Godflesh/Loop double bill at ULU in about 1992. I’d pack two sets of earplugs for the Godflesh set. One set of earplugs should suffice for everything else…

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LOL The Ozrics on that bill.

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or Monkey3.

Keeps it slightly fresh I guess.

I’m already booked in at the Forum two nights later for Nadine Shah :thinking:

I haven’t seen the latest incarnation of Baroness live. If they are anything like the previous lineup, well worth a listen.

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It just occurred to me that if they’re in Yoorop around that time then there is a distinct possibility that they could turn up on the bill for Desertfest Antwerp.

It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve ended up seeing a band twice for that reason.

Also does a METAL Bloody Mary just for this weekend.

They have special tattoo designs for the weekend as well :grimacing:


@Kevin did you get tickets for Willy Vlautin in Brighton - if so you’re in for a treat.

He only sang 7 songs after the book discussion and maybe being the first live gig I’ve seen since before COVID but that that was really quite emotional.

His voice is just amazing.

Missed it I’m afraid.
Clashed with a work thing.

That’s a pity.

It was a shame, but I saw Richmond Fontaine 3 times and have seen The Delines 3 times so plenty in the bank :grinning:

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Sure is :grinning:

It’s always interesting hearing solo acoustic versions of familiar material - he was outstanding last night.

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He also mentioned they finished recording the new Delines album last week :+1:

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Standing at the back crap gig photo collection: Minami Deutsch

There was a band ? :rofl:

Yes, and they were excellent

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Some bloke’s head crap gig photo collection: Big Special.

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The phone’s “erase randos” thing works quite well

Support Friedberg were also very good. Not the scrappy gurl punkers I expected - guitar and bass were very talented.

Also, is it just me, or does Joe look like @edd9000? Or vice versa.

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Ah to have such brown hair again.

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