Gigs I'm going to. The Gyroscope diaries

The burg for The National tonight. Fcking worse than Disneyland on the royal mile.

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Full tourist mode, maximum warp.Engage

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Deacon Brodie’s now :point_right:

Not even festival time though.

I’m going to have to stop buying tickets for October.

Desertfest Antwerp 18th → 20th
Benefits in darkest Whitechapel 25th
Scientist at the Jazz Café 29th

A very pleasant football-free evening with Wayward Jane at Cafe#9, so I feel happy and contented :slightly_smiling_face:.

For any that followed the rebuild of Tally-Ho, their music featured a lot in the backing. Leo offered them a playing spot at the launch, but they couldn’t make it. The boat is now on its shakedown first cruise.


After a shit week of ‘deathmin’ and feeling low, wife persuaded me to go out and see Travis at Prism in Kingston. Really enjoyed it, he’s a humorous, thoughtful guy and some of their new stuff is quite good. Yes and he took the piss out if himself about his red hair.