I like the stuff here


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On the very odd occasion I use a wine carafe, I have an Orrefors Intermezzo blue dot thingy


I can’t make up my mind about those blue dot things. I nearly bought a water carafe the shape was twitchingly pleasing, but I wasn’t convinced about the blue dot.

I also have the cocktail glasses, which are good for giving the illusion that I’m somehow sophisticated


Would look lovely with some daffodils.

A new vista of appalling just opened.

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I use a jam jar if we have guests

for pissing in?


fucking hipsters have stolen it from us mate :rage:
I use truckers pissbottles now
Go-on, copy that, you mincing, wanky-moustached poser cunts…

A fellow conny sewer :+1:

really does help to mask the taste of the petrol :ok_hand:

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Yup.for my Shine.

image uploader free


Yeah but Orrefors

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I also have two of these

I think my Dad got them as some sort of long service award, or they may have been part of a salary substitute in the 70s.

They are absurdly heavy, with really narrow necks that make it almost impossible to clean them, all-in-all a real pain in the ass, but, y’know, they look nice and they were my Dad’s.


Liked, coz of Dad reasons :+1:

anyone got any of these or seem them in the flesh

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Mostly on-topic, I have two Keith Murray for Wedgwood tankards in the “out” box in the garage.

Does anyone want them?

I know they look like they came from Ikea yesterday, but Murray was a proto-modernist in the 30s. You can Google the back story, prices etc.

You’d need to give at least a tenner to Jon.


Make nice teacups, so happy to bung Jon a tenner.


No, they really wouldn’t.

OK, in which case, no thank you then.

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