Golf (aka, how to dress like a nonce)

I have decided to take up golf again.

That’s it really. Carry on.


What happened to the cycling? :thinking:

Still doing the cycling. Have more time now my house is all cleared and decorated. So golfing it is. Dug me bats out the garage, and me most unfashionable clothes out the loft, and joined the local club.


Any lycra ?
You could save yerself a few bob by combining…

Just lycra undies.

@wayward knows a club that could with an extra member

Don’t think we need to think about Mark’s member…

This thread simply oozes with Meh! Golf, lycra and BMTell’s undercarrige. A bit of killing it with fire might be appropriate.:fire::fire::fire:

At last a sensible thread.
Not started by a sensible person but then you can’t have everything.


Having cleaned up my spare set of clubs, I hit 150 balls at the driving range today. My left elbow must be locking as it is aching like a goodun :tired_face:

In my dreams.

Thinking if going for a custom iron fit next week.
I like the look of the new Mizuno 919s

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That’s not elitist much :wink:

4.5/R/70g ?

Not sure what the first bit means.
The shaft will probably be regular and about 95 to 100g. Mizuno have about 20 shafts all at the same price. So that is what a fitting is for. Need to sort out lie angle as well, I don’t think what I have now are right.

The first part is flex rate…

Is your swing fast or slow ?

I will find out when I get fitted. I have no idea of my numbers. That will be part of the fun.

I have a slow but full swing, so went for a light weight shaft with a mid-range flex. It took time to get used to it after rigid steel but I stopped over swinging and let the club head do the work.

It changed everything.

Mizuno have this swing dna thing which is supposed to get you close and recommends 3 shafts. Then it is up to you and the fitter.

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Sounds interesting.

It’s been a few years since I had a fitting. I’m average height with a “traditional” stance (according to my Pro) and have had for the last 20 years. Girth has changed and my back is stiffer which may have changed things a bit.

I might have to head over to Mapledurham next week and see what they say :thinking: