Golf (aka, how to dress like a nonce)


Technology has moved on massively in golf. Gc Quad Trackman etc all measure everything about your swing and contact.
I think I have a reasonable deal. If you make a purchase the fitting is free. If you don’t you still get all the measurements and analysis and pay for the pro’s time.


I mean you wouldn’t buy HiFi without a demo would you? :grin:


I’ve not thought about it much due to life’s distractions. I plan to spend more time playing than I have been, so now may be as good a time as ever to look into it more seriously. .


Using all my old irons that were customer fit a few years ago. They seem to work well. Bought an adjustable driver for fifty odd quid. Had a play with the settings and quite happy with the ball flight. Not generating enough club head speed for my old driver.
Had nine holes to on Sunday. Bit dodgy for the first few holes. Only one over for the last six. Feeling encouraged.


I should bloody well think so.
One over for 6 gives you a handicap of 3 if you do that over 18.
Poulter turned pro with a handicap of 4


Probably never to be repeated. But swing seems okay. Won’t get time to play more than just Sunday mornings. But looking forward to it. Got down to 8 before I stopped 6 years ago. Be nice to see if I could get back to single figures.


I can only dream of a single figure handicap :grinning:


You and me both :unamused:


Highly recommend getting custom fit. All about launch angles and spin now.
My irons were done slightly longer and a few degrees upright as I have short arms for my height. The shafts are dg300 set to an exact frequency. Iirc 308. So they are somewhere between reg and stiff.


I’ve got some bats, used to play every week but was never very good.

Might take them up to the park and have a thrash at the grass for old times sake…


Throw them at ducks then run away.


Good thread. :slight_smile:


I started playing seriously in about 2010. Got fitted for the first time a couple of years ago and it made a big difference. They are forged heads which allow loft and lie to be adjusted apparently.

Still extremely shit at it tho.


Where do you get the time to play what with all your overseas excursions?


That’s were he goes to play. :heart_eyes:






Is that why he needs two caddies?


Got to start young to go far nowadays, Dads.


Managed to get 9 holes in after work. Bogeyed the first two as the short game was a bit rusty. Need to be a bit more positive on chips. Lipped out my par put on the last after a dodgy tee shot, that was a bit too quick on the backswing. Rest all good.
In the monthly medal on Saturday to get a card marked for me handicap. See how I go off of the white tees.