Golf (aka, how to dress like a nonce)




Aw bless.


I find the hole with the spinning windmill is always a challenge.


I’m totally shit at it but still loved playing. The thrill of hitting a good shot. I also liked playimg different courses (esp our annual West Wales lynx weekend in Oct / Nov).

Stopped playing when our 3yr old came along. I’m looking forward to starting again when he can come with me.


Days after he shot his lowest score, with his current (very nice Ping) irons.


Slow back, fast forward. Enjoy mate!


Filth! :rage:


Got the shanks. Lost all me balls and had to stop. Bit embarrassing. Best have a practice before round tomorrow. Have bought lots of balls. And some handwarmer thingies.


Welcome back to golf!


Had an iron fitting today.
New bats on the way!




Dentist? You need an Optician, I said fitting not filling!


You say potato, I say tomato.:rofl:


Today’s total started with a one. Bollocks.
But got a card in for handicap.
Suppination seems to be the issue.


Sounds like a bit of handicap banditry if you were 3 over for 9 last week.
looking for a 28 handicap before the comp? :grinning:


Not sure if I have ever been so cold on a golf course as this morning :scream:


Na, just had a bit of a swing issue. Will sort it out , hopefully, before doing next card. Best of three should count for me handicap.
Twas a bit nippy out today. Did think wtf I was doing at 7am scraping ice off the car.

My old trolley battery gave up on the last hole. Bugger.


Won the monthly medal today with a nett 63. Feeling rather smug :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Got cut 2 shots on h’cap.


Well done. 63 is a bit naughty though.


Burglars get everywhere.