Golf (aka, how to dress like a nonce)


I recognise all of the words used in this sentence and have no idea what any of it means. Congratulations!


I do like a scramble. We did have a shotgun start. Took me 20 mins to get to the 15th tee. Got a bit lost on the way mind.


I think it’s code for a spit roast.


Bedouin or Highland dress etiquette?


I have purchased an M3.


What’s an M3?


A big golf stick thing. Gonna make me play like a god. Well probably not, but it is a new shiny thing. Sometimes you need a new shiny thing in your life.

In other news I am also awaiting delivery of a gps watch golf thing. Gone a bit over the top on golf things of late. Best sell some stuff.


That is a bit tasty.
Most mortals go for the M2 or the M4 and leave the odd numbers for the pro’s.
Has it got face technology?


I can’t wear a watch so use a SkyCaddie on beltclip.


Got some sort of fancy face tech. Longer and straighter than my R1.

GPS is a Golfbuddy wt6. Not used either in anger yet. No time over Christmas.


Golf has more foo than hi-if.:roll_eyes:


The marketeers eternal siren call to middle aged men.


Dusting the old magical wands off and playing Close House tomorrow morning… then straight on the quench until Wednesday.


Sounds idyllic but for the spoiled walk in the morning.

Does La Spatch partake?

Those hands look like they’d grip well


Joining the Fat Cunt Troller and 19 others for breakfast and a round up the Dyke tomorrow morning.




Sensible shoes required.


Predictable jokes are predictable ,:grinning:


The very essence of the AA :grin:


I quite like the new M3 driver I have.

Handicap down 1 to 20. Birdied 2 of the first 4. Then it went a bit average. Short game needs sharpening up a bit.