Golf (aka, how to dress like a nonce)


You’ve just got keep grinding on through.

I’ve tried all sorts of drivers… been to multiple fitting sessions but could never get on with anything TaylorMade for some reason.

I have been using an old Cobra Fly Z from the Pro’s bargain bucket for a couple of years now.

Best £20 I have ever spent and I’ll never get rid of it.

Had it regripped last year and changed the shaft and then changed the clubhead to a weightier titanium one.


Had 41 points NYE :partying_face:, back to nett 4 over in the medal on my own course on Sunday :tired_face:


Trigger’s driver!

Still using Ping G25 and have no reason to change it.


So it’s a new club!


Triggers golfbat.


^^ Exactly. :slight_smile: That was my cunning plan to draw out the bell ends. :slight_smile:


And has worked a treat




Incoming from jb expected imminently…


I thought you’d said it deliberately but better explain it to everyone for you


You all need to sharpen your wits up. All this hifi chat is dumbing us down.

Consider that a test.






Any more reasons needed to detest golfists?

(note ginger)


Fuck, Tinkerbell’s tits are huge :unamused:


It’s Mick Hucknall on a bad hair day.


New Golf shoes should arrive today… Waiting by the door like a hungry granny


Ecco biom 3?


I was on the verge of buying those before I retired from golf (arrival of son put paid to golf). They look tres comfortable.


I bought those swish looking Nike or Adidas all in one ones. Like one piece of plastic that wraps around your foot, bloody plastic meant your feet couldn’t breath and they felt like your foot was wrapped in cling film.

My very comfortable footjoys were eaten by mice in the garage :(.


I have the Ecco Biom 2 hybrid, most comfortable shoe i have ever had.
The new ones are Gore-tex.™