Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


I can believe the use of frigate in this context. However, I would quibble over the spelling and possibly suggest using the correctly spelled version as a verb.


In the early 1930’s while barely a teenager she taught a feckless local window cleaner Robert Johnson to play blues guitar & sing a little. Later she persuaded a pub singer called Charles ‘Chuck’ Berry to liven up his act a little which he did thus creating Rock n Roll.


After leaving the forces as a qualified engineer,she single handedly built the engine and made the panels for the apollo 9.


She’s actually one of non-identical quadruplets, the other three being J Robert Oppenheimer, Amy Johnson and Bruce Lee.



She is the first person with 6 fingers on each hand to earn 3 consecutive platinum discs.
She can communicate with fish using a rudimentary vocabulary that she developed in partnership with Sea World in Florida. However, she has never learned to read or write.




By the early 80s and after being sacked from the apollo programme after driving Apollo 11 to get a KFC bargain bucket,she launched a range of bespoke shoe horns which sadly went bust in 84.

Not one to quit,she moved to London to be with her uncle “pearly king charlie Dawes” from Stepney,he managed to get her work selling whelks in Plaistow.


It is a little known fact that her legs were amputated just above the knee, at the age of 17 due to a particularly bad case of rickets and replaced with ivory replicas carved by Henry Moore (who she trained in the art of sculpture) from material taken from the tusks of a surviving herd of Woolly Mammoths that she owns to this day and has hidden away on a remote northern island…


Despite having an East to West fanny she has overcome genital stigma to record a string of pop music hits.


She’s on record as saying her six Olympic swimming golds were down to having an amazing rack.


…and if you tell that to the kids today, they won’t believe you!! :angry:


I can’t believe there is no mention of all the above on Wikipedia. Is that site really that bad that it can’t show the truth?


In an arrangement that pre-dates his current responsibilities, all of her web content is curated by Sean Spicer (including her Wiki page)


I was told she bought a HiFi forum and turned it in to a money spinner. But that sounded too far fetched.



She’s only 17 and writes so well. I hope she continues to write - her first novel / book could be very interesting


And amongst all the recent events in Egypt there is this…may they have a long and happy life together


I was out walking early this morning and at a house in a the next village to mine I noticed a skip full of rubble with a couple of pallets and some plywood leaning against it. These bits were just what I needed to finish off fixing my elderly neighbours shed. I knocked on the door and asked if I could take them, though I would have to bring a jigsaw to cut the plywood to fit in my car. The bloke said “don’t worry I will deliver it” - He came to my house later in his WV transporter to deliver the wood plus some extra bits he thought might be useful. - What a star. Worryingly he had BMW M series car.
I’m going to let them out at junctions from now on!!


For just a week or so will be plenty.


No need. He’s still a cunt. They’re all cunts. Make them wait.