Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


A rare glimmer of hope



Well, it’s not often good financial things happen to you, but today United Utilities have reduced my water bill by 2/3 as they can’t fit a water meter to my house. So, cheaper water and I can use as much as I want!!!



Normally I go and pay my respects at the small war memorial in the village up the road, but today I went to the Remembrance Parade in town today because Ellie and Lauren were marching in it.

There was a very elderly RAF sergeant in uniform there laying a wreath, and as he stood up he gently touched a name on the cenotaph. I’d made it through Nimrod, the Last Post and For The Fallen, but when I saw that I broke. Getting soft in my old age.


Not really mate, Remembrance Day has always been so much more special since my lads safe return from Afghan, remembering those boys and girls that didn’t return from war moistens the eyes.


Ellie is keen on joining the RAF and Lauren wants to be a vet, but is possibly hoping to fund it by getting an Army bursary, which means a short service commission after she qualifies, so yes, it is starting to hit home a bit.


For today.


Long overdue and superbly well deserved recognition for a groundbreaking career. Sonic Boom played a fabulous tribute set for her at Coventry Cathedral earlier this year.



Too much concept! :grinning:

Also I had to watch again to see what it was advertising. I’d assumed it was BA not the perma-building site.


No it was London Airport. Never mind that Guy did you see ME?


Good, but a bit long. Maybe lose that bit at the end with the humans.



Yes, you were fine but the ad is initially quite muddled & I’d be surprised if it often gets shown in full as it’s quite long. In Cinema’s maybe? Could Heathrow afford that?

It’s an odd one. I wonder how many people really choose their flights because of the subtle charms of Heathrow.


I think it my be for image and the 3rd runway.


Not sure I spotted you Dave, but this is @A_Touch_of_Cloth surely ?



You missed me? I’m the twat in the hat at the end.





Careful Dave with a kiss like that you’ll be up for sexual harassment on the BBC news soon.


Well she is Jon Pertwee’s niece.