Good things (that restore your faith in humanity)


Thank you all from Zac. I welled up when I saw this this morning.






Watched a documentary about Fair Isle a wee while ago. I remember them getting 24 hour 'leccy. Fingers crossed they can rebuild this.


They will, definitely.

It’s far too important, both for research and the tourist revenue it generates on the island. They are already planning the new build and hoping they can have it open by Spring, next year.

It had 30 beds and is/was always pretty much fully booked from early Spring to late Autumn. To book accommodation there for the peak Autumn migration weeks you need to apply over a year in advance.


Was glad to see in the news that it was insured


A good man…



There have been a few stories about youngsters helping people out, both with and without social media. They get nowhere near the promotion in the news that they could and should get.